Some of EPIC loots in DF

Some of EPIC loots in DF

Welcome to the Bacteria DF Clan WikiEdit

The story of the Dead Frontier of Fairview City - where the survivors of the last few human bastions inhabitNastya's HoldoutFort PastorPrecinct 13 and Dogg's Stockade try to hold back the hungry horde of infected from day to day begins with the outbreak during the summer of 2016.

All information gathered since the initial outbreak is a complex mesh of facts, rumors, theories and sometimes, plain fiction. Often hard to differentiate from each other, due to a lack of Secronom Industries survivors for reliable information.

Everything that has been found out and confirmed along with the most likely theories about certain aspects of theN4 can be found in the articles listed below. Read the history and all known information, learn of our common past and problems; it may even help you to survive a bit longerCommonly called N4 or Nerotonin Type 4, the artificially engineered virus which caused most of the world's population to turn into zombie-like beings or even mutants has various effects of scientific and practical interest.

While there are no known remains of detailed plans about what Nerotonin 3 was exactly supposed to be capable of, nor are there any details of what exactly turned the prototypes of Nerotonin 3 into a virus totally unlike Nerotonin Type 2, various survivors have observed and learned from the hordes of infected over the years and noted a confirmed list of virus effects.

Out of the base virus that was spread via the primary infections, which already eradicated most of the civilized world, several different strains evolved and spread among the infected.

The various mutated virus strains which appeared over time all have some differing effects, although all viruses retain part of the core virus and most of its effects. The typical infected seen in the Inner City is controlled by a version of the virus which causes several different mutations to the virus host and thus produces the known zombie types of differing dangerousness and strength.

Physical Effects EditEdit

Since this document is written from a scientifically neutral point of view, the listed effects may or may not be positive for humanity itself, as they are written from the virus host's point of view, whether it is a normal human survivor, one of the many "zombies" in the Inner City or even animals and other beings which were found to survive an infection - meaning that the virus does not totally destroy one's nervous system but keeps the body alive and working, although usually under its own control.

  • Anomalous Growth of Bones, Muscles and the related parts of the nervous system
  • Lack of Pain Intensity upon physical damage to the body
  • Improved and accelerated regenerative effects
  • Increased hearing, sight capabilities and a highly sensitive sense of smell
  • Discolourization or Recolourization of the skin, depending on how long the mutation has spread
  • They do NOT respond to light changes.

The N4 virus also seems to make their host highly resistant to radiation. Not only that, radiation seems to speed up the mutation of the body. The existence of current Irradiated Zombies proved that radiation locks zombies in their present state, and permanently halts any further mutation. Scientists in Nastya's Holdout and the other Outposts have begun looking into this phenomenon as a possible way to cure (or at least suppress) N4 infection and mutation, although their progress thus far has been inconclusive.

Mental Effects EditEdit

  • Extreme aggression toward non-horde beings (humans, animals, etc.).
  • Inability to recall emotional relationships, previous needs, memories as a human, etc.
  • Extreme craving for the flesh of uninfected humans (living or dead).
  • A mental pull towards being in a horde (hive/mob mentality).
  • In the (alleged) N5 cases only: The ability to complete complex thought and construction of structures.
  • Only capable of extremely limited use of reason and logic-- their ability is barely greater than that of a wild animal.
  • Inability to communicate in any (human) language.

Additional Effects EditEdit

Hosts of the Nerotonin 4 virus seem to have some kind of "hive mind" mentality. This means that the individual being is still capable of limited logical reasoning and thought, but generally discards its own well-being in favor of the horde or other infected if necessary. This includes situations in which groups of infected ignore self-preservation instincts, hunger and any kind of danger they may encounter (commonly called "Cannon Fodder"), so that their prey (typically human survivors) gets distracted, injured or otherwise becomes an easier target for other parts of the infected horde.

Beyond the basic infected, new special strains of the N4 virus have allowed the infected host to operate independently of the "hive mind" mentality of normal infected. They instead rely on offensive or defensive abilities to tear through survivors. These mutations have effectively made these unique strains of infected a new "species".

This ability seemingly only applies to infected animals and humans, which are typically hostile to anyone not infected by the same virus strain and invading their territory can be extremely dangerous, if the intruders are not prepared for an extremely high enemy to ally ratio.

Clan RankingEdit

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1st Private-Maxninja

He is the one whos being helped, it is Maxninja we
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to help him ASAP



2nd Sergent-Djking201001

The who is capable to ask some Guns or Melee

Always follows the GENERAL

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3rd Commander-SUBgympus 



Knows a little about DF and some TIPS

He Gives support and Care


The Executioner

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4th  Executioner-Unodostress

 Knows a lot he has more Experience 

than the COMMANDER

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Terminator I

5th Captain-Terminator I


The Terminator

The helper of the General a helper

to the COMMANDER And can SoLo Bosses



Jr6 zps7af3c714

Maxfire 1

6th General-Maxfire 1

The strongest knows all 

The Medic,The Helper,The BlackSmith

  He has the greatest EXP

Latest activityEdit

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