Looting in EZ is the best way to get epic stuff . you can get an elite item but not rare stuffs like GAU-13 looting

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Dead Frontier's Complete Looting Guide'''''a.k.a. How to make 1 - 3.5 M $ a day

By:  SUBgympus Update: For you Chinese players, this guide has now been translated. You can find it here :

Table of Contents

A) Introduction; B) Setting Up the Right Mind Set; C) A Solid Loot Run; D) Starting Builds; E) About Gear; F) Basic Notions; G) Creating Your Route; H) Managing Your Inventory; I) Dealing with Enemies; J) Getting Away with the Impossible (advanced moves); K) Selling Your Loot; L) Loot Run Variations; M) Closing Words.

A) Introduction

First, a little introduction about myself. I've been an avid gamer since age 2 1/2 or 3.  This is when I first picked up a good old NES controller and never let go. To this day, over 23 years later, I still play video games on a daily basis. This passion for gaming has never even started to wither and hopefully some of you in here can relate to this  . Over the last few years, I have been doing a lot of speed running of these old classics. That is how I grasped the concepts of cutting corners and managing time efficiently in games. This speed running mindset lies at the very core of what you are about to read.

First things first, this guide should be seen as a learning tool. You will not rake in 1 - 3.5 M on average per day until you have trained sufficiently. The key to success is to keep at it and to not give up. That being said, anyone dedicated enough WILL eventually reach that threshold.

Let's get started.

B) Setting Up the Right Mindset

- The first thing you must know is the following: I see a lot of people looting the wrong way. You might be one of them. If this is the case, you will need to unlearn a lot of stuff. Accept that.

- Everything you do and focus on has to fall back to the concept of efficiency (time spent vs. profit). This is the speed runner's core principle right here.

- The number 1 - 3.5M$ a day is not made up or exaggerated. I have raked in this much money countless times. This is from looting anywhere between 10-16 hours a day (as a Gold Member). However, you will not get to these results until you have had sufficient practice.

- Until you are skilled and geared enough, you will die a lot. Do not get discouraged by this. You will learn from every mistake.

- Do not theorize or fantasize about loot rates. You will get bad runs at times. When that happens, just go loot again with no questions asked or any second thoughts.

- A skilled looter can complete a whole run without holding the mouse (except to click the pop-up loot screen, obviously). Shooting is very bad in any shape or form, melee should be used very seldom and as a last resort in a matter of life and death.

- This technique does not rely on finding very rare items. Although you will occasionally find them. They are a nice extra  .

- Pure and sheer speed is what makes or breaks this technique.

- Bosses should always be avoided and the instance they are in skipped altogether (There are exceptions to this, which will be discussed at a later time).

- Your best weapons for looting are not something your character equips. They are your wits, good decision making, sense of positioning, timing and sharp reflexes.

- Until you feel very comfortable with yourself, you should loot in Single Player. This technique can be used in multiplayer just fine, but it requires more skill.

- When in doubt, take the time to analyze an issue. Math is also your friend in this.

- Forget about exp pretty much altogether. You are not here to level, but to make profit. Taking the experience route will really hinder that profit.

C) A Solid Loot Run

A great loot run looks something like this:

-Time spent to get from Fort Pastor to End Zone :    10 mins (pretty sharp) -Time spent filling up 29 inventory slots with price standards:   ~20-25 mins -Instant Death -- Suicide using the nearest mob. -Time to put loot up for sale / repair + heal / bank money / IC     ~2-3 mins -No fighting whatsoever took place, not a lot of aggro was seen. -Loot was favorable, you picked up some pretty nice weapons.

Total time : Generally anywhere between 30 mins (on good runs) and 40 mins (on fairly bad runs).

You will rake in at the very very least 90,000$ worth of items every time. Divide your total play time by 40 minutes. This will give you an estimate of the absolute minimum $ you will get from looting in that time span (assuming you don't die on a run or take breaks). 

Keep in mind that this is a minimum benchmark. The average profit per run, I would say, hovers between 105,000$ - 150,000$.

D) Starting Builds

Here is a question a lot of newer players have some trouble with: "How should I build my character to loot well?".  I will be upfront and state the obvious first. You cannot loot End Zone very efficiently until, I would say, level 30.

The stats you need are the following:

- 124 Agility (or as close as you can get to that).    This is the pure speed I talked about. This is your bread and butter. Without speed you are crippled. It is vital and of utmost importance.

- 80+ Endurance (as high as you can manage)

This is your room for mistakes. The more you have, the more forgiving the game will feel when you screw up.

- 50-100 Strength 

This stat lets you equip heavier armors. The better the armor, the more abuse you can sustain. This extra damage absorption makes your tanking abilities go up.

- 50-80  Crit

This is somewhat relevant, but not as important as the previous ones. It will come in handy when you are in a rough spot and you need to whack away with your melee weapon. It makes you a faster killer. Speed is key.

As you can see, to get into this range of stats, you will need to be around level 50.

The proficiencies you need are the following:

Pump melee.... Really. 100-110 Depending on personal choice. 

Characters that are higher level / have some money to spare should skip melee completely and get themselves a pair of titanium blades (they have 0 melee requirements and provide competitive DPS).

As far as other proficiencies go, it all comes down to preference. Machine guns provide insane crowd control. Good for griding and dealing with aggro spikes. They help running away from a boss, if you simply can't outrun or dodge it efficiently. Causes massive aggro. Very costly to sustain -- anti-thesis of making money. To be used with good judgement. Shotguns pack a good knock back. Useful tools to create distance, but they fall short in terms of raw DPS. Moderate ammo cost. Causes massive aggro.

Rifles pack a good punch too. Knock back isn't nearly as good as shotguns. The upside to rifles is their relative quietness. They prove useful at times to dispose of annoying brutes / leapers. Very, very cost effective weapon. Supports the money making concept.

E) About Gear

Yet another often asked question. Once again, this is especially true about newer players.


Armor is king here. It should be your absolute primary concern. You can only reach 124 agility with the bonus from an armor (+24). You need to spend the biggest chunk of your resources here. The closer to 24 agility bonus, the better. Armor can also provide up to an extra 24 endurance, which is crucial as well. You should aim for better stats bonuses when buying an armor. The damage absorption % is also important, but it should factor in second place. If you get hit a lot, you should consider carrying a secondary armor in your inventory.


- You want to get a melee weapon here. Get the best one possible that fits into your budget. The Kris / Machete / Wood Axe / Sledge Hammer are all good stepping stones. Eventually you want to procure yourself either a Battle Axe or a Katana. 

Any other weapons are not necessary in the slightest. That being said, they can prove to be a useful extra tool if used intelligently..

Getting to a very solid gear setup

This is where the money you farm gets dumped into, at first.  Also, note that lower level / under geared characters should start looting orange and red zones first. Everything in this guide can apply to those zones.

The first step is to get some stepping stone gear and then save for a XL security box. 

The second step is to work your way up to a 24/24 (GC) Exterminator reactive XT (or something similar)  for optimal stats bonuses and great damage absorption.

The next step is to get a secondary armor if you still feel somewhat shaky and take a lot of abuse. If you do well with one armor, skip this step.

The last step is to get yourself Titanium Blades. They allow you to keep looting at higher levels and grant the option of using wider arsenal of guns. Titanium Blades have no melee requirements. This frees up to 100-110 proficiency points without sacrificing damage. If you want to keep melee as a proficiency, you could opt for a Nodachi. While cheaper, the Nodachi doesn't have the speed of the TB's which, in my opinion, comes in very handy.

F) Basic Notions

Now that we got the part oriented towards newer players out of the way, it is time to start analyzing the techniques of looting themselves. From this point on we will go more in depth and cover very specific situations. This is where even higher level players can learn new stuff. 

The key of success as far as notions go is pretty simple:

Time.    You will need a considerable amount of time dedicated to scouting and practice. This will be discussed in the next section. Keep in mind, not everyone learns at the same pace.

Patience.  A whole lot of it. Very self-explanatory. Don't expect amazing results right away.

A clear head.   If you are upset, step away for a while. Decision making is crucial. It directly affects how long you can live for.

Good reflexes.  Self-explanatory again. Hand-eye coordination will be key here. Practice makes perfect.

Efficiency.   This is brute speed. Stick to your route no matter what. Think like a speed runner. Cut corners whenever it is safe to do so.

Survival instinct.   Know when to pull back. A dead looter means an incomplete run and a big profit loss. Better safe than sorry -- it's preferable to lose a minute avoiding a bad situation. If you don't, you will die and then you have lost both money and time ( inventory not filled up / walking back to EZ takes 10 minutes ).

-Clutch timing.   Essential in pulling off the advanced moves that will be discussed later. 

G) Creating Your Route

This step is crucial. It is the backbone for reckless speed and efficiency. This is the very starting point when you want to loot End Zone. Exercise this step painstakingly.

First, pull out the map of Fairview. Take a good look at it. Find Fort Pastor and the End Zone on it. You need to find the absolute shortest path there. I want you to literally count instances until you find the smallest number. This will be your path.

Next comes scouting. Scouting is not looting in any way. It is not about speed or efficiency. It is about training your brain and your memory. You need to leave Fort Pastor and work your way to the End Zone. You can fight all you want. The only thing you must respect here is the following: take your time, make sure you don't stray off your route. Keep your eyes open for visual cues on screens where you need to change directions. Memorize them thoroughly. This will eventually let you leave town and walk straight to End Zone without ever opening your map.

When you reach End Zone, you can start looting. However, this is not the main reason of your being here. I want you to take as much time as you need to locate every lootables in each instance you come across. You might wanna draw a hand made diagram / map to help memorize them. 

For each instance, you need to factor in your entry point. From then on, you need to trace the shortest distance between the lootables. The key here is to avoid backtracking or going over your own steps. You want a clear line in and out of the instance. 

The way to determine your exit point for the first instance is dictated by the second instance. Once, you have the second instance mapped out, you need to figure out where it would be best for you to enter. With that in mind you need to review the first instance and tweak the path to allow you to exit in the right place.

You do not have to clear entire rooms. You can walk in and back out of instances just fine.

A great route should allow you to fill up 29 inventory slots in about 25 minutes.  Oftentimes, this route also takes you in and out of neighbor instances. Here is a simple diagram as an example of this principle.

As you can see, the player travels back and forth between the same instances more than once in this scenario. This is valuable. The goal is to find the highest concentration of lootables in the periphery and stock up as fast as humanly possible. Skipping bodies that are too far out of your way is recommended. Your route will sometimes improve as you find new shortcuts. Keep those good changes, memorize your route and stick to it no matter what. It allows for great speed.

H) Managing Your Inventory

Here we discuss what to fill your inventory with, what to use, what to bring, etc.

What to bring:

-A XL Security box. While costly in itself. It will quickly re-pay for itself with the amount of cash saved with every death. Once it comes even, it will rake in a nice profit over time. 

-A spare armor if you feel the need for it. This is not mandatory.

-A box of ammo if you feel unsafe. This is not mandatory.

Some people like to bring food and healing items with them. Don't. They are a waste of space. You need to train your survival greatly. You will find all that you need in End Zone -- save the slots.

What to keep & fill up with:

This is the backbone of this section. As a general outline you want to keep:

- Neros - Wine & Caviar - 12 gauge  /  12.7mm rifle  /  grenades - Weapons /   Armors   /   Clothing    (most of them; see rule below)

- Temporary items like Morphine, Nuts, .50mm handgun.

The rule of thumb as of what to keep is simple. Each slot that you fill should have a selling / scrapping value of 3,000$ and up. The weapons/armors/clothes found still fall under this rule. Learn the Market prices for them & memorize their scrap prices.

Temporary items like morphine and nuts are consumed if needed during your run. They must be trashed and replaced before you suicide. 

.50mm handgun ammo is rather unique. It is sometimes worth keeping. You need to check the market before a run to determine that. In the event that they are not worth it, I would still recommend picking them up temporarily. They will net some extra profit in case of an early death.

When to open your inventory:

As rarely as possible. Closing the inventory screen will have the effect of an aggro magnet. That is to be avoided at all costs. 

The only time to open it is right before you exit an instance. Try and begin the countdown before you get to the door to save time. As soon as you close the inventory, leave said instance. 

You will have to open it at the end of your runs to dispose of temporary items and create an empty slot ( this is used to finish your ammo piles to max ). In this case, you need to be as far away from enemies as possible.

It is suggested to keep all temporary items and incomplete ammo stacks together for easier spotting and faster management.